What is leather?

Many sellers today refer to their products as leather, which in fact, is often imitation leather. Leather is exclusively an animal product. It is processed animal skin. Processed leather with hair of the animal is called fur.

All materials, which are not an animal product should not be called leather without an attribute – artificial leather, fake leather, bio leather… all of these are imitation leather and are considered an oil product, although they might have a certain percentage of animal or plant components. For example, only an animal product can be called butter, in this case it is made from cow milk. Everything else needs to have a different name, for example margarine, or must have an attribute, for example coconut butter, or goat butter, so it is obvious it is not a product from cow milk.

Leather, as a biproduct from the meat industry can be processed (tanning, tannery) from many animals (cows, bulls, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, even from chicken legs…). Processed leather can differ with its attributes, size, or patterns.

In automotive and upholstery industry, cow leather is used, because of its attributes, size and availability. From now on we are going to talk about processing cow leather, because leather from different animals can be rarely used in this industry (if so, it is used for aesthetic reasons, if it is impossible to stamp out the pattern into the cow leather).


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