for upholstery and repairs

For upholstery, repair and renovation of the selected part, you can choose from several different types of materials, many of which are directly in stock.

Material quality, suitability for use and long-term experience with their properties play a significant role in their selection.

Depending on your taste, purpose or other specific requirements for design, quality and durability, you have the following options - types of materials:

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather has irreplaceable properties compared to artificial materials it gives a feeling of warmth in winter, does not overheat in summer, with proper maintenance it has high resistance – possibility of renovation in case of damage or wear, natural non-flammability and last but not least the natural beauty that genuine leather retains even with moderate wear.


  • high quality top genuine leather with natural face/ top grain
  • corrected/embossed leather
  • perforated leather
  • Suede leather

Suitable for steering wheels, seats, practically anything can be upholstered with suitably selected leather.


composition (in different proportions):

  • polyester
  • polyurethane
  • PVC

commercial names:

  • eco koža
  • bio koža
  • polokoža
  • koženka

Alcantara – imitation of suede leather – high-quality artificial material (polyester, polyurethane) with excellent properties.

A wide selection of colors, patterns and features.


Different types – for motoring with increased resistance to abrasion and fire, common interior fabrics, rich selection.


Various types – special flexible fabric with a thin, softened layer.


foams, coconut fiber…


A wide selection of colors and thicknesses according to the usage, quality and durable Synton brands.

We also select materials for you according to availability in stock and fast delivery options. Choose the material that best represents your goal - a better appearance, the possibility of further use, more flair, selling a car.

Don't worry we will be happy to advise you based on our experience of many years.