Car Interiors

professional interior repairs for your car

My sa postaráme o čalúnenia a opravy interiérov, aby ste sa vy cítili komfortne, pohodlne a bezpečne na cestách.

Practical and professional interior repairs for your car.


Repair and renovation of worn, damaged or destroyed interior car parts will give your car interior a new look and serve you more effectively for longer. Choose upholstery and repaired parts’ materials in accordance with your preferences and objectives, as well as purpose for further use of the car.

You will be highly satisfied with the results of our work, conducted in the most responsible and skillful manner.


Bring us your worn and damaged car seats regardless whether they are from cars, trucks or construction machines. Whether it is just a ripped seam or a deep hole reaching the structure of the seat, your seat will get a new look with an improved feeling of comfort and convenience often in less than 3 days. We will repair and renovate car seats for your own effective use as well as in preparation for sale.  We will choose a material in line with your demands for quality, purpose and budget. We will arrange an appropriate time for disassembly and assembly of the car seat before the renovation in order to avoid wasting your time or intorudce limitations.

Sit back and enjoy your ride.


gear levers, gear lever cover, backrest and ceilings

Over time, wear and tear will be evident in other parts of your car’s interior too. A purposeful renovation will give gear levers, gear lever covers, backrests and ceilings new look, almost indistinguishable from the original, significantly improving the overall appearance of your car’s interior. The materials we use to repair these parts of the interior will meet your demands for quality, functionality and durability. Assembly for you, just let us know in advance you will require assistance.

Minor changes for comfortable riding and driving.


Specific repairs with emphasis on maintaining the original appearance.

Do you feel that your classic car needs to be embellished and renovated?

We will turn your own ideas about the new interior of your classic car into reality. From initial consultations through design propositions to the actual implementation of a complete renovation of the interior of your car at our workshop, we will take this journey with you.

For complete interior improvements, we are selecting materials that meet your requirements for quality, purpose, period of use, as well as design and aesthetics.

Complete improvement and renovation of the car interior. When old things are brought to life.