What is an ECO-leather? Half leather? Bio leather? What are the advantages?

All of the products listed above are synthetic, artificial materials – imitation leather.
Label “ecological leather” was established for leather made in an ecological way – without any environmental harm, while its sustainability is preserved, which is also followed by all of our suppliers.
Label Eco-leather implies, that it is a shortened expression for ecological leather. In fact, eco leather is commercial name for form of imitation leather. The important characteristic of imitation leather is, that there is 0% of animal product, it is made of fossil fuels in different percentages which can be applied on different types of cloth (nylon, cotton). Polyvinylchloride – PVC, polyurethane – PU and polyester PE are used in different amounts. Therefore, these are basically closer to plastic bag, than to plastic bottle.
Advantages – imitation leather is usually a lot cheaper, there are unlimited options when it comes to colour and surface texture, it is easy to maintain and it often lasts longer, than lower quality types of leather when we talk about its usage in upholstery. It is easier to work with imitation leather and it usually leaves less wasted material, which is usually a far more prominent biproduct from irregular shapes of animal leather.
NO imitation leather is ideal for steering wheel. (there is no point in covering plastic with plastic)
Vegan leather is the latest trend between people who want a more ecological leather alternative. The base for this product is a plant-based material, which, however, lacks the strength and flexibility of genuine leather, so more artificial products need to be added. These products are of fossil origin. The price is also greater than its alternatives.


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