How can I spot the difference between genuine leather and artificial materials?

Most of the products are impossible to distinguish. A trustworthy label would definitely make it easier, but it is not always possible to completely depend on it. This is the reason why so many people get confused when it comes to the differences between imitation and genuine leather. Manufacturers and sellers are often labelling anything as genuine leather. We have talked about the differences between types of leather, so now we are going to talk about how to distinguish them:

TOP GRAIN can be recognized easily. When you close your eyes and touch the piece of leather, you can feel the warmth, that no artificial material can replicate. It also has a mild and pleasant smell. As the quality of the product decreases, so do these attributes. Layers of lacquer are added, mostly polyurethane based. This makes it even harder to distinguish in lower quality products, because the added patterns can be the same as the pattern on imitation leather. The differences between cut pieces of leather can be visible between different quality products like bags or wallets, but it is not possible to see this difference in cars. Differences also become more visible after the products have been continuously used and are starting to wear down. Higher quality leather will always last longer than the lower quality one.


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