What is leather?

Many sellers today refer to their products as leather, which in fact, is often imitation leather. Leather is exclusively an animal product. It is processed animal skin. Processed leather with hair of the animal is called fur. All materials, which are not an animal product should not be called leather without an attribute – artificial […]

How is leather processed?

Processing of raw leather is called tanning. This process has been used since prehistoric times and served to rid the leather of all biological materials that might cause rotting or degradation, and to create a long-lasting material. The way leather is processed gives the finished product different attributes. There are three basic ways to process […]

Is a “genuine leather” mark a quality guarantee?

No! Unfortunately, it is not… Leather (in our case, cow leather) gets sorted after the process of tanning, and only the best-looking pieces of leather with no huge imperfections are further processed into final products without any further mechanical processes. These products are of the highest quality and last the longest. All of the natural […]


YES … Tanned cow leather is thick, so the right pieces go for a process of splitting. The outer layer – one that we were talking about, and the inner layer – split leather are separated. Inner layer is further processed (pigment, lacquer, pattern), but the quality of the final product is of an incredibly […]

What is an ECO-leather? Half leather? Bio leather? What are the advantages?

All of the products listed above are synthetic, artificial materials – imitation leather. Label “ecological leather” was established for leather made in an ecological way – without any environmental harm, while its sustainability is preserved, which is also followed by all of our suppliers. Label Eco-leather implies, that it is a shortened expression for ecological […]

What about the ecology and maintenance of leather vs imitation leather?

As long as people will be eating meat, leather will always be a side product. The negative environmental effect would be far worse, if leather was not further processed. Processing leather in approved tanneries is definitely a more ecological option. The demand for animal products keeps growing, and so is the amount of leather. The […]

How can I spot the difference between genuine leather and artificial materials?

Most of the products are impossible to distinguish. A trustworthy label would definitely make it easier, but it is not always possible to completely depend on it. This is the reason why so many people get confused when it comes to the differences between imitation and genuine leather. Manufacturers and sellers are often labelling anything […]